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Energetikos planavimas

Ukrainos šilumos sektoriaus teisinės bazės kūrimas

Ukrainos šilumos ūkio ilgalaikio planavimo ir ilgalaikio investicijų planavimo centralizuoto šilumos tiekimo sektoriuje teisinės bazės kūrimas.

The project involved heat supply utility restructuring and renovation. Tasks: 
Task 1: Analytical report on best international practices over legislative and regulatory framework, technical rules and standards in place facilitating long-term network development planning and network investment planning
Task 2: Providing comments on Ukraine’s draft framework vision for district heating network planning
Task 3: Providing comments on roadmap
Task 4: Participation in round table and presenting
Task 5: Organisation and accompanying study tour to Poland (Warsaw and Lublin) and Denmark (Copenhagen).